Rainbow Bridge


Sweet Nova came to us as a feral and spent her time with her wonderful foster mama Melania.  Nova finally learned that these human things weren't so bad so she went on to find her furever home.

Due to her past life as a feral, Nova's anxiety got the best of her and she was able to get out of her adopter's yard.  Her adopters and Melania searched for her for weeks...unfortunately, she was hit by a car and passed away.

Feral dogs really hold a special place in the hearts of their fosters.  There's nothing more rewarding than convincing a being of another species that you're worth trusting, after living their whole life in distrust.  They take a lot of time, patience, and effort and when we send them off, they take a piece of our hearts with them.

You were a special girl, Nova.  Gone, but never forgotten.

Run free and run hard, sweet girl.